I Can Do with Benjamin Lee
I Can Do with Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee

Welcome to I Can Do with Benjamin Lee

I Can Do...So Can You!

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About Me

I Can Do began after I received an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator in 2010 due to a genetic heart condition. I had to decide how I was going to move forward during that difficult time. I decided to take an "I Can Do" approach. My strength is in God and I would continue by faith in Jesus. Now, I want others to have an I Can Do Mindset! 

As a Minister and Life Coach, I want to help you grow both spiritually and physically. I'm creating a community where one can grow spiritually and physically! There is strength in numbers. Having support and accountability goes a long way in growing and accomplishing our goals. 

Join me and others in this inspiring community! 

I Can Do...So Can You

Why You Should Join?

You will be a part of a team that will help you to become the best version of yourself! You will be able to grow in every aspect of your life. You will have a lot of fun as well! 

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your confidence in me. My desire is for God to be glorified in everything we do in this group! May God bless you.